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Week of February 25th

Check out the latest and greatest at MSBR this week!


While supplies last, grab our lunch special with a reduced price on our Gourmet Grilled Cheese paired with a cup of our tomato soup. Classic and delicious for only $10.

Our risotto is a Creole Risotto, featuring bacon fat sautéed peppers and onion with Cajun seasoning.

Our chef's choice fresh vegetable is sweet and spicy soy glazed snap peas.

Please ask your server or bartender for the Soup Du Jour.



Meat and potatoes make us happy so we're featuring them this Thursday.

Flat-iron steak with chef's choice potatoes, black beans and corn, and our chimichurri sauce. $26



As we transition into our new menu, debuting next week, please be patient if some of the seasonal dishes have limited availability.

If you love our seasonal entrees, come in this week to get them before they're gone. We will debut a sneak peek of the menu later this week.

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