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Did You Know?: Meet MSBR's Ribeye

As we move forward with our new menu, we what to showcase how amazing our Ribeye is.

Did you know that we hand cut our ribeye in house to ensure the best cuts are being served?

Then, we render all of the fat to make tallow. We do our best to utilize every piece and prevent waste, all while crafting a unique flavor profile for our steaks. We take that tallow and make a truffle-tallow butter that is added to the steaks as they rest, giving it that extra burst of flavor you've come to love.

What's the yellow stuff, you ask? No, it's not cheese. It's something better!

We top our steak with shavings of a smoked, salt-cured egg yolk. Sounds strange. We get that. But it's a unique addition that adds a depth and complexity to the flavors.

We keep the sides simple, with a seasonal vegetable and herb-garlic mashed potato, but you can customize additions to make it your perfect meal.

Add sautéed mushrooms and onions, grilled shrimp, blackened shrimp, bleu cheese, or even go surf and turf and add a 4oz salmon filet for $10.

Our Ribeye entree is $34, except on Wednesdays.

Wednesdays feature a special Chef's-Plated Ribeye, served with our mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetable for $25. This is a dine-in only special and does not allow any additional discounts or substitutions.

Don't miss out on this special Ribeye that is given all the love and care by our kitchen staff.

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