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Week of January 28th

Check out the latest and greatest at MSBR this week!

As we bring January to a close, we have a fantastic week ahead. We celebrated our MSBR Christmas party this past weekend and are ramping up to a successfully Valentine's Day.



Our meatloaf special last week received such amazing feedback we decided to make it into a lunch meal! Grab a Meatloaf Melt, served with fries for only $10. This sweet sandwich features house-made meatloaf, melted provolone, grilled onions, and your choice side of beef gravy or ketchup glaze.

Our risotto of the week is Roasted Red Pepper Risotto.

Our chef's choice fresh vegetable is blistered balsamic tomatoes.

Our Soup Du Jour will be announced soon.



This week's special is focusing on alternative meats. Forget beef. We are serving up roasted lamb with fingerling potatoes and a tangy Greek yogurt sauce for $26. It's limited so grab it before it's gone!


We can't wait to see you!

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