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Week of 12.10.19

Christmas is only a few weeks away. While you're wrapping up all the shopping, take a break to treat yourself at MSBR.


Our soup of the week is a Southwestern Chicken.

Enjoy a $10 lunch special this week of a French Dip Sandwich, featuring shaved beef in au jus and grilled onions on a Ciabatta roll. Served with our horseradish aioli and fries, this is a staff favorite.

Our risotto of the week is a Tomato-Spinach Risotto.

Our chef's choice fresh vegetable is herb-roasted parsnips.



Join us for our Thursday steak special - a 14oz New York Strip, topped with demi butter and served with our chef's choice fresh vegetable and mashed potatoes for $26.

With every steak special, enjoy your favorite wine for $2 off a glass or $5 off a bottle or grab our beer of the week for half off. This week's Beer of the Week is Breckenridge Brewery Christmas Ale.



Hot cocoa is pretty amazing as is and we think there is only one way to make it better - adding booze.

Try one of the boozy hot cocoa recipes below or stop in for our Friday drink special - Happy Holi-Stag, a warm and delicious hot cocoa with red stag and whipped cream.

Or, make celebrate solo by making one of the recipes below at home.

This warm, rich, and fruity hot chocolate is perfect for the wine lovers, but not too wine-y that hot chocolate lovers are put off.

The season typically blends hot cocoa and cream together and this go-to recipe marries hot cocoa and Irish cream together.

The Kahlua Hot Chocolate from Damn Delicious is the perfect boozy hot cocoa for mocha lovers everywhere.

If you're a from-scratch kind of person, you'll love the care this hot chocolate requires. Sugar and Soul's recipe features whiskey, giving this sweet treat just the smallest kick.

Our list couldn't be complete without a Bourbon hot cocoa, right? Autumn Makes & Does crafts her dairy-free recipe with Four Roses Yellow Label.

Don't love our list? You can add nearly any booze to hot cocoa and it'd still be amazing. Craft your own and share it in the comments below or on our social media.

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