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2021: How It's Going

It's been awhile since our last blog post.

2021 has been quite the year - so much uncertainty, upheaval, changes, more changes, and finally things are starting to feel a bit more normal.

We had a wonderfully successful Restaurant Week with amazing reviews and feedback. We are immensely grateful to continue to be a part of this food-loving community.

We have had the opportunity to host a few events, both private and semi-private, large group dining, and barrel picks. We are always excited to have more events and groups come in to experience our assortment of succulent food and drinks.

We, like most others in the service industry, are experiencing staffing shortages. We are doing our best to bring in new talent and continue providing excellent service consistently, but this will likely continue to be a challenge for the coming months. We have added a new Executive Chef, who is bringing his experience, passion, and quality control to MSBR to bring back top tier food at a casual dining price. We will reveal more soon!

We have added the Pairing of the Week and a Ribeye Special to our lineup. The Pairing of the Week brings together the featured dish of the week and a specially paired drink that will help you enjoy the flavors and save big. You can enjoy the featured dish by itself or get the pairing to save $5!

Then every Wednesday, enjoy our Ribeye for less! Enjoy a special chef's plated Ribeye, with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetable. This house cut ribeye is only $25.

Add mushrooms and onions as desired, but no substitutions are allowed for this dine-in special.

We also have a new addition to the management team. You may already know and love him, but David is our new front of the house Manager! We are excited to have him bring his ideas and leadership to the management team.

As we near the last quarter of the year, we are so excited for what is to come. We want to thank you all for your continued support.

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