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Featured & Seasonal Menu 

Steak Fries ..... 3

You asked. We answered. We are now offering steak fries in addition to our beloved regular fries.


Sweet Potato Fries ..... 5

Fall flavors in the perfect package.


Stuffed Chicken Breast ...... 20

A beautiful 6oz chicken breast, pan-fried, then baked, stuffed with garlic, mushrooms, cream cheese, bacon, and basil. Served with seasonal vegetables and risotto.


Bone-In Pork Chop ..... 28

16oz French-cut, bone-in marinated pork chop, red wine-cherry reduction, seasonal vegetables, and risotto.


Rotating Features:

Risotto (V) .....12

Risotto featuring fresh vegetables and flavors of the season. Ask your server for details. Suggestion: Add chicken or shrimp.


Fresh Catch ..... Market Price

The freshest seafood at the freshest price. Ask your server for details.

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